Grindhouse Virgin Triple Feature (DVD)

Grindhouse Virgin Triple Feature (DVD)

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After Hours Cinema is proud to present three rare Grind-house flicks.

DADDY (1971) Stars Nora Wieternik, Gerard Broulard 
Hopping on his motorbike, our hippy lead picks up a college girl who is arguing with her boyfriend. He drags her back to his pad, where his roomie is making it with two broads at once. 

ENTER THE VIRGIN (1970) Stars Jan Davis, Linda Vroom
Jan warns her roommate Cathy: “You’ve been a virgin for 25 years and if you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna be in rough shape.” The two agree that Cathy should see a psychiatrist. In the office of her hippy shrink, Cathy confesses her anxieties about sex. A quick “exam” confirms that her problems are not physical in nature, so the good doctor attempts to cure Cathy by offering himself as a therapeutic device!

VIRGIN AT 18 (1971) Sandy and Barbara are best friends. They fool around in Sandy’s room with a vibrator while Barbara needles Sandy about not having lost her virginity. Meanwhile, Sandy’s mother and step-dad have their own ideas on how Sandy should “lose” her virginity!

This DVD includes adult content. You must be 18 years or older to order this product. This item is an on-demand DVD professionally produced by After Hours Cinema Studios.