Ground Zero (DVD) - OOP

Ground Zero (DVD) - OOP

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Directed By: Channing Lowe
Starring: Mike Langer, Sahna Foley, D.L. Walker
Release Date: August 14, 2012

Two professional ‘cleaners’ are hired to collect a frozen corpse located high in the mountains and dispose of it in an old warehouse, unaware the body belongs to political activist Darius, brutally assassinated by Nat-Tech Corp. after injecting himself with a deadly virus.

A swiftly-thawing, infected corpse in tow, they arrive at the warehouse to discover a group of amateur cleaners, a rising body count…and a rising corpse. Can the cleaners avert a global biological meltdown, or will Darius’ grave become Ground Zero? Blood-splattered and creepy, Ground Zero is a visceral new take on the zombie origin genre that will have you frozen with fear.


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