I Like The Girls / Peeping In Girl's Dorm (DVD)

I Like The Girls / Peeping In Girl's Dorm (DVD)

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I LIKE THE GIRLS WHO DO (Feature - 1973)
plus - PEEPING IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY (Featurette - 2000)

I LIKE THE GIRLS - As a matter of fact, you’ll LOVE the Girls Who Do in this outrageously sexy and erotic romp – a classic of European soft-core cinema!

Innocent Johnny is the rightful heir to his lady-killer Uncle Frank's fortune, nevertheless, and in accordance with Uncle Frank's style, there is a catch: Johnny is not to be awarded his share unless he undergoes various love lessons from a hand-picked selection of Frank's trustworthy girlfriends, who in turn, are assigned with the task of making a man out of his inexperienced nephew. Without delay, in the following seven days, young Johnny is about to witness the wonders of the flesh in a frenzied and sizzling crash-course in intimate relationships. Poor Johnny, will you make it in time? Stars Alena Penz, Birgit Bergen

PEEPING IN A GIRL'S DORM - Two young college students (Misty Mundae and Ruby LaRocca), the naughtiest and most disruptive girls in their dorm, are relocated in a temporary basement apartment by their Resident Assistant (Tina Krause).  Knowing the two to be mischievous, the RA reminds them of the rules, “No smoking and No boy guests!”  Once she leaves, our oh-so-bad heroines immediately light a cigarette, abandon their studies, and find themselves in each other’s pants.  However, unbeknownst to them, their shenanigans are being watched by an increasingly turned-on RA.  Just as the lusty, libidinous girls get lost in each other’s arms, they are forced to comply with the RA’s devilish demands which include stripping slowly and washing each other clean in a bathtub! This delightful featurette was directed by William Hellfire.

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