Insanity Double Feature - Cloned Coed / Strangled Wife (DVD)

Insanity Double Feature - Cloned Coed / Strangled Wife (DVD)

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Insanity Double Feature (DVD)

This DVD collection features two weird and bizarre “backyard” features shot in 1998 (an homage to WAVE Productions). These videos were previously only available in the 1990s  on VHS through the Alternative Cinema mail-order catalog.

Featured on this collection is “Chloroformed and Cloned Co-Ed” and “The Strangled Wife.” Both showcase underground star Tina Krause, who has starred in over 115 B movies! Both videos have been digitized from the recently found, original Super VHS masters.

Suzy Johnson (Tina Krause) and her college boyfriend Biff add a dangerous new wrinkle to their love life, but Suzy winds up dead when the perverted shenanigans go on for just a bit too long.  A deranged medical student takes her body and produces multiple clones, each one genetically engineered to die in a specific manner, thus providing Biff and his cronies the ultimate in death-thrill experience! 

After waking from a dream in which her husband strangles her, Suzy Johnson (Tina Krause) finds fresh purple bruises on her neck. Thus begins her day-long odyssey of repeated humiliations at the hands of a naughty doctor, timid postman, Siamese twin brothers, and schizophrenic clown!  Will Suzy survive this surreal, fateful day?