John Holmes Unzipped Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

John Holmes Unzipped Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

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John Holmes Unzipped Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)
Original DVD Release Date: April 04, 2012

3 of Big John’s rare and raunchy early efforts from the infancy of west coast grindhouse cinema! Relive the early 70’s mantra “anything for excess” with Johnny in Smokin’ Mary Jane! Come see John take his talents to the stage in Masked Mischief; co-starring Keith Erickson! Or, check out the long lost John Holmes’ storefront classic Ride a Cockhorse!

SMOKIN’ MARY JANE (1971) – Johnny plays a hashish dealer who doesn’t care much for smoking, but loves to be smoked! Stars Sandy Carey, Justine D'Ore

MASKED MISCHEIF (1971) – John Holmes goes live, and takes his big dick center stage for a performance no one is soon to forget! Stars Cyndee Summers

RIDE A COCKHORSE (1973) – When John’s girlfriend is abused by some wild, unruly teens sojourning in the mountains, John decides to get his revenge – eye-for-an-eye! Stars Becky Sharpe

DVD also includes After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault. You must be 18 years or older to order.