Naughty Nurses Double Feature (DVD)

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NAUGHTY NURSES GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE                                                                   
DVD Release Date: 1/3/2010

The NAUGHTY NURSE GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE! - 2 tales of deviate medical drama! These nurses have the ways to soothe your woes!

THE NURSES (1973) – The medical malpractice of this horny hospital’s insatiable staff of nympho nurses always results in a loss… of a willing patient’s seed!

SUE PRENTISS, R.N. (1975) – Bobby Astyr and co. are quarantined after a stint fighting alligators in the sewers of New York City. A sperm sample is required to see if they can return to the outside world sometime soon. What should take a matter of minutes becomes an all day affair when nurse Annie Sprinkle is given the task!

Notable Stars: Bobby Astyr, Annie Sprinkle, Rick Livermore, Alan Marlowe, Nikki Hilton, Kim Pope

This item is an on-demand DVD professionally produced by After Hours Studios.

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