Daughter of Discipline Grindhouse Avon 7 Double Feature (DVD)

Daughter of Discipline Grindhouse Avon 7 Double Feature (DVD)

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Daughter of Discipline Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)
Original DVD Release Date: September 18, 2012

From the darkest, dustiest shelf of the 9th Avenue Exploitation Vault comes two gems from the filthy 70s: House of Kinky Pleasures and Daughters of Discipline! Both feature films were shot for the notorious Avon 7 theatre in New York City and are presented here for the first time on DVD.

Daughter of Discipline (1978) - C.J. Laing, Sharon Mitchell, Leo Lovemore star in this sleazy, horror/porn quickie about a young woman who gets involved in a sex-and-death cult only to discover that she is slated to be the cult's next victim.  What the hell did she expect with a free membership?

House of Kinky Pleasures (1975) - Director Artaur Ego (!) delivers exactly what the title promises – and then some!  A young woman leads a first-person camera from room to room of her seedy brothel, where all manners bizarre, disturbing, outrageous, taboo and perverted sexual escapades are played out.  Kinky pleasures definitely make a “house” a “home.”

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