Night Terrors (DVD) - OOP

Night Terrors (DVD) - OOP

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Director: Alex Lukens, Jason Zink
Stars: Richard Hackel, Colvin Mann, Alex Lukens
DVD Release Date: November 25, 2014

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An anthology in the vein of VHS and ABC’s of Death, Night Terrors delivers three gore-filled tales of shock and terror!

A resentful older sister fills her brother's head with bizarre tales of terror,

blood-soaked memories and nightmares of perversion after learning that she must baby-sit and miss a party.

In “Massacre on 34th St.”, a deranged killer dressed as Santa Claus slaughters a houseful of squatter punks who don’t appreciate the holiday.

In “Baby Killer”, a distraught professor performs illegal experiments on victims in an attempt to save his dying daughter.

And in “Abstinence”, a horrifying flesh eating STD quickly spreads through a college campus.

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