Peep Show Loops - 1970s Times Square (DVD)

Peep Show Loops - 1970s Times Square (DVD)

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Times Square Peep Show Loops (DVD)
 Original DVD Release Date - May 6, 2015

Over Two Hours of 8mm Loops Telecined from the Original Vintage Prints!

Throughout the 1970s, Times Square, NYC, was the epicenter – the heart, the hub, the HQ, the capitol, the frigging mecca – of naughtyness in the USA.  Anything and everything and then some WENT – and kept comin’ back! – when it came to life, love, culture, vice, and entertainment in Times Square and on the Deuce and environs. And the very life blood that kept the place thrumming and flush with grimy cash, the odor of danger, and all manners of perverts and miscreants was the ubiquitous peep show booth. And whether offering a live “show” or filthy film loops as on display in this very collection of ‘70’s 8mm loops, it was the peep booth that was the first AND last name in staple entertainment of its day in The Big Apple…no offense, Broadway. Scanned from the original 8mm and 16mm vintage prints.

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