Peeping Tom Triple Feature Presented by 42nd Street Pete (DVD)

Peeping Tom Triple Feature Presented by 42nd Street Pete (DVD)

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42nd Street Pete’s 1970s Peeping Tom Grindhouse Triple Feature
DVD Release Date: Sept. 12, 2017

42nd Street Pete presents The Peeping Tom Grindhouse Triple Feature!  Last viewed during their initial run in grubby storefront theaters of New York in the mid-1970s, these three rare films are now available for the first time to home entertainment.

Fade To Red (1973)
While an expert on sexual deviance narrates over the footage, we watch Claire, a “female peeping Tom”, spy on her neighbors while they have sex.  Clearly, Claire’s deviance is voyeurism, and the more she watches, the more obsessed she becomes with other people’s perversions. 

Peeping Detective (1971)
When failed P.I. Mark Blake can’t pay the rent or his secretary, he decides a little blackmail might be in order.  Armed with his camera, he snaps photos of a series of men he knows to be cheating on their wives.  Just as he’s beginning to fantasize about counting his money, the plan backfires in a surprise ending!

Peeper Creeper (1973)
A college student with a crippling case of shyness just can’t work up the nerve to ask women out.  Instead, he follows them home to spy on them, inserting himself in the stud role when he catches them having sex!