Platinum Pussycat Double Feature (DVD)

Platinum Pussycat Double Feature (DVD)

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A Psychotronic Exploitation Double Feature DVD!

Platinum Pussycat (1968) - Betrayed, beaten, and on the run from the mob!  Framed for the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Dena (Sandy Roberts) goes on the lam to locate the killers and avenge his death.  Enlisting the help of her former lover, a hard-boiled ex-cop, the duo outwits danger, degradation and the mob in an adventure that’s as thrilling as it is bizarre.  Part exploitation film, part action-thriller, Platinum Pussycat serves up a dizzying dish of guns, gangsters, frogmen, car chases and naked flesh in a combination of b&w and color inserts that result in an absurdly satisfying piece of psychotronic cinema!

The Sexploiters (1965) - A “modeling agency" in Manhattan is the setting for this outrageous erotic romp where men and women do anything to satisfy their wildest carnal cravings.  The Sexploiters is the lone directorial effort of Al Ruban, producer of The Beautiful The Bloody and The Bare and the acclaimed films of John Cassavettes.  Among the sexiest of the “Sexploiters” is a bored housewife with expensive tastes who works as a high-class call girl.  As she eagerly goes about making each client’s bizarre fantasies come true, the Sexploiters’ studios fill to capacity with all manners of intimate activities including naughty photography sessions.  Featuring Gigi Darlene (Bad Girls Go to Hell, The Love Statue) and Jackie Miller (Olga’s House of Shame).


  • 7 Bonus Retro Loops
  • The Sexploiters Commentary with C. Davis Smith
  • Color Booklet
  • Trailer Vaults