Play-Mate of the Apes (Comic Book / DVD Combo) OOP!

Play-Mate of the Apes (Comic Book / DVD Combo) OOP!

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Play-Mate of the Apes (Comic Book / DVD Combo)
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What could be cooler than Seduction Cinema’s Play-Mate of the Apes DVD?  A Play-Mate of the Apes DVD with two new commentaries and a collector’s edition comic book, that’s what! 

Illustrated by radio personality and cartoonist Noel Scotch Anderson, the “Play-Mate of the Apes” comic expands upon the plot of the successful late-night cinema feature starring Misty Mundae, Debbie Rochon and Darian Caine in which a trio of sexy young lesbian astronauts crash-land on a desolate planet dominated by a race of talking apes.  Comic + DVD = one sweet package at an even sweeter price.  Like a primate with a banana, it’s ape peelin’


  • Seduction Cinema “Play-Mate of the Apes” Comic
  • DVD w/ Uncut Feature Film Play-Mate of the Apes and Seduction Cinema “Sexy Spoof” Trailers
  • Commentary with Film Historian Ed Grant and Producer Michael Raso
  • Commentary with Producer Michael Raso, Director Zachary Snygg (John Bacchus) and Cinematographer John Fedele