Rock 'N Roll Frankenstein - Remastered (DVD)

Rock 'N Roll Frankenstein - Remastered (DVD)

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Directed By: Brian O’Hara
Starring: Graig Guggenheim, Jayson Spence, Hiram Jacob Segarra, Barry Fetterman
Release Date: December 13, 2016

After music agent Bernie Stein loses his last act, he decides the only way to a better life is through the grave…the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame graveyard, that is.  Together with a burned out roadie and a mad scientist, the motley crew set out to build the perfect Rock n Roll Superstar from the remains of dead rockers.  Assembling parts from Elvis, Hendrix, Sid Vicious and others, soon enough the monster is ALIVE!  But things go bad when Liberace's love tool mistakenly ends up in the mix. Equipped with the head of Elvis and the junk of Lee, a schizo relationship develops between the monster and his privates.

Hilarious, tasteless and chock-full of gratuitous violence, Rock n Roll Frankenstein is a “a cult item for movie-goers in search of politically incorrect, mind-warping laughs.”-- Fangoria

 1999 / 88 mins. / Horror-Comedy / Color / Unrated / 1.66:1, 16x9 / Region 0 / English

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary w/ Director Brian O’Hara, Rock n Roll Frankenstein Trailer, Rock n Roll Frankenstein Music Video , Behind Rock n Roll Frankenstein Featurette, Trailer Vault