Oddo / How I Got My Mink / Scyla Nick Philips Collection (DVD)

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San Francisco 1970s Sex  Collection (DVD)
Three Films that Define the Sexual Decadence and Political Turmoil of the Late ‘60s San Francisco Scene 

Oddo (1967) Following a two-year tour in Vietnam, Richard returns to a hometown he perceives as decadent and symbolic of the general disintegration of society.  Fueled by unstoppable anger, he lashes out at prostitutes, family members and anyone who gets in his way.  Before Taxi Driver and Combat Shock, Nick Philips crafted this disturbing tale of sexual excess and retribution. Stars Janice Kelly, 

How I Got My Mink (1969) Rebellious siblings Donna and Philip embark upon an avant-garde film highlighting the relaxed sexual mores of the San Francisco youth culture.  They soon progress from documentation to willing participation in ever-increasing acts of hedonism as Donna experiments with lesbianism and Philip engages in three-ways. Stars Monica Gayle.

Scyla (1967) Passionately in love with the beautiful Scyla, Gregory follows her from the beach to spy while she makes love to her boyfriend.  As his obsession with Scyla grows, so does the jealousy of his stunning part-time girlfriend, Circe.  Concocting a plan to destroy Scyla’s beauty, Circe seduces her and plies her with a dangerous potion.  Set to an experimental jazz score, Scyla is a haunting tale of passion, jealousy and forbidden love, inspired by the classic Greek myth. Stars Cathy Adams.