Santa Claws (3-DVD Edition)

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Stars Debbie Rochon, Marylin Eastman, Karl Hardman, Terri Lewandowski

From the co-creator of the horror classic Night of the Living Dead comes a seasonal tale of terror, madness and murder that will chill you to the bone. This 3-DVD EDITION of Santa Claws features the original 1996 cut, the 10th Anniversary cut as well as cast interviews!

Sexy B-Movie Scream Queen Raven Quinn won’t be having the happiest of holidays this year. Her marriage is falling apart, and Wayne - a quiet next-door neighbor - has developed a macabre obsession for her. As Wayne’s delusional fantasies grow more dangerous and bizarre, he transforms into the most frightening serial killer ever to stalk the streets on a cold winter’s night...Santa Claws! Mercilessly butchering anyone who stands between him and the object of his psychotic desire, the red-suited maniac tracks Raven down to the set of her latest erotic horror movie. Here the grim madness of reality collides head-on with cinematic fantasy in a blood-frenzy of psychopathic mayhem, leading up to a shocking confrontation between Raven and this unstoppable monster that will have you shivering with fear.


  • SANTA CLAWS 1996 feature film
  • SANTA CLAWS 2006 10th Anniversay Cut
  • SANTA CLAWS outtakes
  • Scream Queens Naked Christmas
  • Interview with star DEBBIE ROCHON
  • Interview with dir. of photography Bill Hinzman

This is a professionally produced Camp Motion Pictures DVD-On-Demand Release