Scarewaves (Limited Edition VHS)

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Scarewaves (Limited Edition VHS)
Camp Motion Pictures supports all things analog and proudly presents the VHS Edition of Henrique Couto's Babysitter Massacre! This 2017 edition was limited to 100 copies. Get it while you can!

Directed By Henrique Couto
Starring: Erin R. Ryan, Joni Durian, Haley Jay Madison, Geoff Burkman
VHS Release Date: October 27, 2017

DVD Contents:

  • Scarewaves Feature Film
  • Trailers / Promos

They dared to stay the night in the most haunted house in America!!

Not content with her 15 minutes of fame, Reality TV star Lana and her husband begin production on a new reality series aimed at disproving the paranormal.  Setting off on a haunted house road trip, they taunt spirits at each stop until they arrive at The Devil’s Commune, a house mired in tragedy and violence, and considered the most haunted house in America.