Scrambled Sex Collection featuring HONEY (2-DVD)

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From the company that brought you the Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection comes a BRAND NEW, Four Feature Salute to Set-Top Boxes and the precursors to Skinemax, Scrambled Sex: Erotic Cinema of Early ‘80s Cable!

Honey (1981) – A voluptuous, surreal erotic fantasy starring Clio Goldsmith, darling of early ‘80s Euro-Erotica, as Annie – a naïve, inexperienced young woman whose journey from innocence to wantonness unfolds as a fantasy within a story within a fantasy.

Loves of Lady Chatterley (1981) –Lady Chatterley lives a lonely, celibate existence in a villa in Italy, married to a crippled man.   When an old acquaintance of her husband arrives at the villa, he is given a job as a handyman.  Initially suspicious, she soon becomes involved in a passionate affair. 

Sorry, Wrong Bedroom (1973) – Because his Munich night-club is doing extremely badly, Alois is send by his creditor to Ostfriesland (East Frisia) to recruit new talent for his striptease show.  A hilarious example of German sex-comedy at its best!

Moonlighting Mistress (1970) – A self-centered executive plots to murder his wealthy, aging wife in order to spend more quality time with his young, blonde mistress in this seriously sensual thriller.