Sex on 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

Sex on 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Sex On 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

A triple dose of grindy ‘70s skin flicks that played the storefront low-budget “shoe-box” theaters on 8th Avenue in NYC. Presented for the first time on home video from the actual grindhouse theater prints!

PEN PALS (1974) is an early honey-humper by the great Shaun Costello, without doubt the most significant (and probably the most prolific) cineaste of the entire New York School. Costello’s films generally exhibit the hip, urban, jaundiced sensibility of Paul Morrissey’s Warhol fare: willfully anti-artistic, they radiate an engaging cynicism that somehow reinvigorates them as cinema. Stars Mary Stuart

CERTIFIED MAIL (1974) is a pure product of Kirtfilm Studios, the “Gower Gulch” of New York sleaze. Certified Mail’s rather episodic and thinly unified plot concerns a mail lady who wanders into various sexual misadventures while making her rounds. Stars Marc Stevens, Lynn Stevens, Sandi Foxx

LOVE-IN MAID (1975) Two horny friends come up with what they believe is a brilliant idea: they'll advertise for a live-in maid whose duties include making it with both of them while they film it so they can make a fortune selling the footage on the Grindhouse market. Amazingly enough, they actually find someone willing to meet all their requirements, but things don't turn out exactly as planned. Stars Cindy West, Mary Stuart

Disc 1:

  • PEN PALS (1973)

Disc 2:

  • LOVE-IN MAID (1974)

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