Sex Psyciatrist Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

Sex Psyciatrist Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

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Sex Psychiatrist Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)
Original DVD Release Date: July 17, 2012

A triple dose of grindy ‘70s skin flicks that played the storefront low-budget “shoe-box” theaters on 8th Avenue in NYC. Presented for the first time on home video from the actual grindhouse theater prints!

Sex Psychiatrist (1973)  – With this sex psychiatrist, it’s not HOW female patients feel that’s important, it’s WHAT they feel...and then WHERE they put it and for how long.

Hidden Lust (1971) – An unscrupulous shrink who takes advantage of femme patients and we would be expected to believe that rather than feeling attacked, they love it.

Dear Throat (1973) – "Miss Throat", a sexual Dear Abby who predates Dr. Ruth by at least a decade. Connors is her secretary, opening letters from a troubled public and duly reciting them while her boss gives favors and then dictates inane suggestions to her loyal fans.

DVD also includes After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault. You must be 18 years or older to order.