Sexual Confessions Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)

Sexual Confessions Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)

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Sexual Confessions Grindhouse Collection
A double-dose of contemporary and retro exploitation – two ultra-hot variations on a theme on one Special Edition DVD!  Using the “sexually insatiable woman confesses her fantasies to a psychiatrist” gimmick, a mainstay of early grindhouse movie plots, Sexual Confessions ‘72 & ‘05 unleash the uninhibited desires and unfettered eroticism of a bevy of beautiful babes including Sandi Carey, Darian Caine, Ruby LaRocca, Katie Jordon and Kelli Summers.
Original DVD Release Date: December 4, 2007

Sexual Confessions (1972)  stars Sandi Carey, Ric Lutze
Housewife Eve confesses to being three distinct personalities – buttoned up-eve, sensual Eve, and nympho extraordinaire Eve – and she relates each sexual encounter and ménage a trois to her clinically concerned psychiatrist. When Eve finds herself in the middle of a swingin’ LA orgy, she makes a late-nite call to her dapper doctor, asking for his professional help but getting a whole lot more than a “How does that make you feel?” from him! Released theatrically April 4, 1972 as "The Three Phases of Eve".

Sexual Confessions (2005) stars Darian Caine, Kelli Summers, Ruby LaRocca, Katie Jordan
Four scintillating Seduction Cinema sinners, then proceeds to get them to confess and undress at the drop of a “tell me all about it” from sexy shrink Katie Jordon.  Ruby digs Darian, Darian desires Kelli, and Kelli wants them all, Dr. Katie included, and when the smoke clears, you can bet this quartet of super charged young women has set psychiatry back about 100 years! 

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