Skin Crawl (DVD)

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Skin Crawl (2007) - Starring Julian Wells, Debbie Rochon, Misty Mundae
Directed by Justin Wingenfeld
Edited by Brett Piper

When a cheating husband and his sexy mistress plot a murder for money, they unknowingly unleash a centuries old curse that will make their lives a hell on earth! Inspired by vintage horror comics like Creepy and Tales from the Crypt, Skin Crawl is a dark, sexy and terrifying tale of terror starring Debbie Rochon, Julian Wells and Misty Mundae, directed by Justin Wingenfeld.

 Centuries ago, the Warbeck Witches practiced their craft on the outskirts of a small New England town. Until one night, when the youngest was murdered by corrupt and powerful men and the sisters turned to the dark arts to summon a gruesome curse that would last for generations…

A curse so powerful it will transcend time and the grave…

Today the last of the Warbecks is a wealthy woman in an unhappy marriage. A woman unaware of her family’s history – and unaware her possessive husband and his aggressively sexy mistress are plotting to murder her and run off with her money. However, this is one plot that isn’t going to work out as anyone expected…because when the Warwicks are threatened, all hell breaks loose!


  • Under Your Skin…The Skin Crawl Interviews with: Actress Debbie Rochon – Writer/Director Justin Wingenfeld
  • Commentary with Producer Michael Raso and Director Justin Wingenfeld
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