Sleaze in the 70s 4-Film Collection (2-DVD)

Sleaze in the 70s 4-Film Collection (2-DVD)

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This naughty 4-Film-Collection from Secret Key’s infamous Storefront Feature series celebrates the saucy and oh-so-slightly kinky “softies” fondly remembered by your dear-old-dad!

In the years before the Deep Throat revolution (1972), a steady stream of soft-core cheapies, chock-a-block full of shaky camera work, dubbed groaning, and hot and heavy simulated sex were programmed into local mini-cinemas across America. The four “softies” found in this package offer a sampler of soft-core delicacies sure to make you pine for the days when all the cinema floors were sticky and the shag carpeting was on the ladies – and all available for the first time on home video and DVD!

Splendor in the Sack (1970)
Spanking and freaky foot play are the order of the day for a middle-aged couple and their much abused domestic servant! Stars Jan Davis

A Taste of Honey (1970)
Two goofy gangsters spend a night in a high-class brothel with hilarious results. A madcap romp with shades of S&M! Stars Kathy Hilton, Casey Larrain

Sweets for the Suite (1970)
The art of interviewing a new receptionist is explored in loving detail in this L. A. cheapie. Featuring the immortal JUDY ANGEL and a caste of swinging Hollywood hotties.

One Hundred Dollar Wife (1970)
A classic comedy of errors concerning a pair of horny businessmen and the call girl wives they thought they left behind – think Love American Style (minus Joey Heatherton). Stars Orrin North, Jane Tsentas