Sleazy Grindhouse Picture Show Vol. 2 Presented by 42nd Street Pete (DVD)

Sleazy Grindhouse Picture Show Vol. 2 Presented by 42nd Street Pete (DVD)

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42nd Street Pete’s Sleazy Grindhouse Picture Show Vol. 2
DVD Release Date: December 21, 2010

Four of the sleaziest, slimiest and most depraved features from the 1970s Grindhouse circuit – shown non-stop! …Courtesy of 42nd Street Pete!

Tattooed Lady (1977) A tattoo artist is talking to a blonde about inking some chick’s privates. Girl in question is admiring his work as her short-haired brunette girlfriend licks the artwork. 

Hawaii Sex-O (1971) Grindhouse guys would always bastardize a hit movie or TV show for a title. A couple lament about a guy named Jackson. “He taught me everything I know,” she says. Too bad he didn’t teach you how to act. They get naked and hit the beach. She’s a pretty well-built brunette. They screw as the waves roll over them. All is well until a guy shows up with an obviously fake gun.

Love Lies Waiting (1974) Remarkably this one has credits that haven’t been chewed up by the shitty projector. This one was shot in California, and we see one of those luscious California blondes with a black mini skirt and boots. She gets picked up by a biker with a really cool ride. She tells him she is a professional prostitute. Her name is Veronica, and she takes Dale the biker to Madame Eva’s house.

Up at J. J.’s Place (1975) Three 70’s dudes are shooting pool. They wind up at a penthouse. These types of films were known as “mixed combos” and were real popular with the 8th Avenue crowd. There is a real sleazy back alley ambiance to this film. A lot of coke is snorted, then out come the big black snakes. Stars Sharon Thorpe.