Slime City / Slime City Massacre (Blu-Ray)

Slime City / Slime City Massacre (Blu-Ray)

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Slime City / Slime City Massacre Double Feature (Blu-Ray) 

Available for the first time in High Definition, Gregory Lamberson’s 1989 cult hit Slime City and 2010 sequel, Slime City Massacre, dripping with gruesome extras!

Slime City (1989) – In a run-down apartment building in NYC, a student stumbles across the remains of a cult and transforms into a murderous, slime-dripping monster!

Slime City Massacre (2010) - When a greedy real estate tycoon sends mercenaries into a bombed out city to destroy the homeless, they stumble across the remains of a cult of hideous, oozing slime creatures, sparking an all-out war for control of Slime City. 

Bonus features include:

  • Interview with composer Mars
  • Slime City Massacre Behind-the-scenes
  • Slime City Massacre Trailer,
  • Three director commentaries,
  • Return to Slime City, Slime City 2006 trailer
  • Slime City Grindhouse Collection trailer
  • Slime City original trailer
  • Slime Heads, Making Slime
  • Slime City Survivor (On Set Interviews)
  • Slime City Massacre Deleted Scenes