Splatter Disco (DVD)

Splatter Disco (DVD)

  • $12.99

Produced by Michael Raso
Directed by Richard Griffin
Stars Ken Foree, Lynn Lowry, Debbie Rochon, Trent Haaga

Kent Chubb thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse when the mayor, his sociopath mother (Lynn Lowry), and the city council threaten to close down his nightclub Den O’ Iniquity for ‘acts of perversion.’  Enlisting the help of his father, Shank Chubb (Ken Foree), Kent and club regulars attempt to educate the town to the community service function of the club: providing a safe and welcoming environment for all the oddball local citizens.  Little do they know a serial killer has begun to pick off club employees one by one, and now even Kent’s acid-flashback-prone hippie attorney can’t help them out of this bloody mess…or keep his eyes off Kent’s gorgeous wife (Debbie Rochon). 


  • Splatter Disco feature film
  • Commentary featuring star Lynn Lowry, director Richard Griffin and others
  • Behind-the-scenes documentary
  • Alternate scenes
  • Shock-O-Rama trailer vault