Stags From Dad's Secret Stash (2-DVD)

Stags From Dad's Secret Stash (2-DVD)

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Available for the first time to home entertainment, this astounding authentic 8mm Home Projector Loop Collection from the Sleazy ‘70s!

The proliferation of 8 mm and Super 8 mm movie equipment during the 1960s meant that many people now had the ability to project movies at home. In the days before videotape, the 8 mm stag film – or “loop,” as it was often called – was the only means to effectively consume filmed "nudie" movies in an exclusively private context.  Home Movies did have their advantages to seeing dirty movies in a theater:  you could screen them at home for your wife or girlfriend in the hopes of getting her “in the mood” and, perhaps best of all, you could collect them.  It’s these collections – often discovered posthumously hidden in the back of dad’s workshop – that have served to preserve the great majority of stags in circulation today.

The films in the present collection represent a cross-section of 8 mm stags such as one might have found for sale in a Times Square bookstore during the early to mid-1970s.  They are generally about 10 minutes long each and alternate between color and black and white, the black and white loops probably being a few years older than the color ones.  Unlike films one would have purchased off the shelf at the time, many of the loops presented here show typical signs of wear and tear – scratches and dirt – although the underlying image quality – large grain and soft, sometimes blurry, focus – was normal even for new stags.  Given the relative scarcity of these films on DVD, however, the present collection provides a valuable insight into the porno culture of the early 1970s and contains a number of unexpected cameos by some of the better-known figures of “Golden Age” porn. 

Features Shaun Costello, Juliet Jay, Roger Caine