Suzanne Fields Double Feature - Sex Spa / Wayward Mistress (2-DVD)

Suzanne Fields Double Feature - Sex Spa / Wayward Mistress (2-DVD)

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Few gals of the sin-tillating screen elicit as many oohs and ahhs as Suzanne Fields, one of the earliest and most recognizable faces in the West Coast grindhouse scene. Suzanne (FLESH GORDON) was making middle-aged cinema patrons salivate from Hollywood to Times Square.

WAYWARD MISTRESS (1973) - Poor Cindy does not think her boyfriend Ric (played by West Coast workhorse, Ric Lutze) understands her.  In spite of a great sex life, amply demonstrated on screen, she feels the need to get away and think through their relationship. What better place to do this than with a girlfriend who hooks for a living? Co-stars Becky Sharpe

SEX SPA (1971) - Sex Spa revisits one of the dearest old stag cliches: the dirty doctor who tends to his frustrated clients with “invasive” procedures. The great Keith Erickson, perhaps the only truly noteworthy character actor to arise out of early West Coast porn, tells his new patient that her weight concerns can be easily addressed by his simple diet, exercise and sex regimes.

Disc 1: 

  • Wayward Mistress feature film
  • Rare Suzanne Fields 8mm Loops

Disc 2:

  • Sex Spa Feature Film
  • After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault

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