New York Wildcats / Swedish Wildcats (DVD)

  • $19.99

Original DVD release date: March 29, 2005

Retro-Seduction Cinema is proud to present for the first time ever on DVD the1972 cult classic from exploitation cinema legend Joseph Sarno (Inga, Butterflies). Swedish Wildcats is Sarno at his most shocking and provocative.  This long-awaited favorite is paired with the sexy 2004 remake, New York Wildcats, specially produced for this Double Feature release and starring popular ‘B’ movie sisters Misty and Chelsea Mundae.

Swedish Wildcats (1972) Aunt Marghareta (Diana Dors) runs an exotic brothel in Copenhagen that caters to customers of prurient tastes.  Each night, “Marghareta’s Maison” puts on a titillating show highlighting her menagerie of exquisite female
beauties who are then offered up to the highest bidders for a night of unforgettable pleasures.  Marghareta’s sexy young nieces - sisters Susanna and Karin – are the most desired of her “performers.”  Made up in body paint as a pair of Swedish tigeresses, every man or woman pays handsomely to spend an unforgettable evening with them.  But Susanna and Karin begin tiring of Marghareta’s perverse clientele and their passionless sexual encounters.  They long to experience true love and wonder if girls like them can ever find it.  Keeping her real identity and profession a secret, Susanna meets Peter - a young Swedish test pilot who quickly falls for her.  Will they
find happiness together, or will Peter discover the shocking truth about
Susanna…and the Swedish Wildcats?

New York Wildcats (2004) Aunt Marghareta (Chelsea Mundae) runs an exclusive New York City nite-club that caters to men and women with very kinky and expensive tastes.  Her exotic dancers include the sensual “Kitty” (Katie Jordon), the hot-tongued “Rattlesnake” (Ruby LaRocca) and, for the ultimate in satisfaction, “Pleasure” the Peacock (Misty Mundae).  These bump’n’grind beauties perform in painted–on costumes that show off every inch of their taut, tasty young bodies.  When the dancing is over, the real entertainment begins as Kitty, Rattlesnake and Pleasure are auctioned off to the highest bidders, who are promised a night of unparalleled eroticism.  Unfortunately for Aunt Marghareta, the local crime boss’s son – the deviant and deadly Master Kamute – wants his cut of the action…in cash and in skin.  If the “NY Wildcats” don’t oblige, they may be performing for the last time.