Swinging in the 70s Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

Swinging in the 70s Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Swinging in the 70s Grindhouse Triple Feature
Stars Rene Bond  Suzanne Fields
Original DVD Release Date: December 9, 2008

 Modern wife swapping in the U. S. is certainly a by-product of the Sexual Revolution, a process that actually got rolling a full generation before Flower Children started to “let it all hang out". Now you can re-live the bygone age of swinging on your DVD player with your best pal’s wife. It’s the Swinging in the 70s Grindhouse Triple Feature and it’s bound to help get the party started!

Your Wife or Mine? (1971) concerns the adventures of one “sex swapping” couple determined to turn their neighborhood on to the joys of organized bed hopping.  Vivacious, redheaded Myra Schumaker drops in on her clueless neighbor Juan, informing him matter-of-factly that his wife has been intimate with her husband and that she’s come to reciprocate the favor. Features Rene Bond in an early screen appearance.

Harvey Swings (1970), a minor classic in the school of early Seventies grindhouse one-day-wonders.  Our adventure begins with a couple heard arguing in voice-over in an erratically driven station wagon.  The pair is on their way to meet new “friends” they have contacted through an ad in the newspaper and poor, bumbling Harvey can’t seem to follow the map.   Upon arrival, the couple is introduced to their host, the sleazy, smooth talking Reggie. Even more importantly, however, it turns out that Harvey’s wife, Sheila, is played by the extraordinary Suzanne Fields (Flesh Gordon) – young, lithe, and looking fine in a tiny sundress. 

Keep Them Happy (1971) considers the plight of three lovelorn wives whose husbands spend too much time working in the city.  As is the case with all such suburban sybarites, the temptations of extra-marital sex – even to the point of self-prostitution – prove to be too alluring: coveting the thrills as much as the pin money, the women begin to service their local service providers: a plumber, a milkman, and an insurance salesman.