Tales from the Cannibal Side (DVD)

Tales from the Cannibal Side (DVD)

  • $19.99

Starring Stephanie Beaton
Directed by Michael W. Johnson

From the rotting depths of unimaginable terror come three grisly, gore-soaked short stories of cannibal lust and extreme desires!

Weekend in the City: Karen has always had horrifying, yet erotic fantasies of being eaten alive. When she answers a disturbing classified ad, her fantasies may just come true!

Trick or Treat: Halloween will never be the same for Stacy, because on this bloody night of horror, she will become the “Trick”…and a tasty “Treat”!

Meat’s Meat: (and Man’s Gotta Eat): Join Pa, Ma, May and Adley as they try to buy out the local meat market…then butcher and serve their own delicious brand of meats.