Tarzan in the Valley of Lust (DVD)

Tarzan in the Valley of Lust (DVD)

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Tarzan in the Valley of Lust (Double Feature DVD)

A double dose of grindy ‘70s skin flicks that played the storefront low-budget “shoe-box” theaters on 8th Avenue in NYC.

Tarzan in the Valley of Lust (1970) – Tarzan as Edgar Rice Burroughs wished he could have written him – swingin’ from tree to tree while swingin’ with blond jungle beauty Jane and a buxom native girl who just can’t pass up a bulging loin cloth.  But that pesky gorilla keeps trying to mooch in on Tarzan’s action, and this time Jane might have no recourse but succumb to the hairy, horny primate.

Dirt Bike Bangers (1970) – It’s full throttle action when motocross racers Bob Jacobson and Big Ed Smith wind up at the home of three fast idlin’ mamas who know a good ride when they see one.  Not satisfied with plundering every inch of these tireless girls’ bodies, Bob plans to burgle them too. Will Big Ed be out of Betty Sue long enough to thwart the shameful heist and teach Bob a five-knuckle lesson about post-coitus good manners? 

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