Teenage Swingers 1970s Double Feature (DVD)

Teenage Swingers 1970s Double Feature (DVD)

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Teenage Swingers (1970s Double Feature DVD)

A double dose of grindy ‘70s skin flicks that played the storefront low-budget “shoe-box” theaters on 8th Avenue in NYC.

Teenage Swingers (1970)  – For university students Pete and his live-in girlfriend, “Promiscuous Sex 101” is the preferred course, but that’s before Pete’s puritanical dad confronts his son about living in sin with “That bitch.”  Rather than risk his college allowance, Pete unloads his gal post-haste.  But now who’s that rolling in the sheets with Pete’s girlfriend? “Dad?!?!?”

My Daughter’s Babysitter (1970) – A young mother knows she’s in for a fun night out when her boyfriend suggests that the next-door neighbor come babysit for “…your bastard daughter.”  The sitter finds mom’s treasure trove of glossy mags and gets busy.

Contains After Hours Cinema Trailers

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