The Avon Theatre - Story of Prunella (DVD)

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The Avon Films - The Story of Prunella - Directed by Phil Prince
DVD Release Date: March 17, 2009

Phil Prince was the last adult film director in New York City, author of some of the scariest and sleaziest stories ever committed to film. Prince and his circle of conspirators managed to crank out eye-popping smut that also works as a kind of edgy, street savvy melodrama. A denizen of the Avon cinemas, Times Square’s most pervert-friendly network of grindhouses, Prince’s work stands dick and shoulders above the more polite, domesticated films of the Big Eighties.

The Story of Prunella is one of Prince’s last and most significant films. The tale of a trio of jailbirds who terrorize a bridal shower, Prunella is a well-paced, well-shot and sonically inventive little saga that also packs a powerful punch of raw, gritty sex.

Starring Prince superstars George Payne, Ron Jeremy, Ambrosia Fox and Cheri Champagne, After Hours Cinema is proud to introduce the work of Phil Prince to a larger public. 

DVD includes

  • Feature film remastered from the original film elements
  • Phil Prince documentary
  • Commentary with film editor Brian O’Hara and film historian Michael Bowen
  • Film outtakes
  • Full color booklet with photo and historical liner notes

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This DVD includes spicy content. You must be 18 years or older to order this product.