Video Violence & Video Violence 2: The Snuff Collection Blu-ray

  • $24.99

The iconic Shot-on-Video classic Video Violence (1987) and it's sequel Video Violence II (1988), available for the first time on Blu-ray in a stunning side-load hard shell with new artwork, an interior sleeve and so many new extras! 

Move to the suburbs and open a video store, what could go wrong? Steve and Rachel find out when completely immersed in a town of blood-drunk crazies. Led by sickos Howard and Eli, these backwater psychopaths produce and watch their own snuff movies in which the victims are outsiders or citizens trying to leave the close-knit community of killers.  One day an unmarked tape shows up in the return bin of Steve’s just-opened video store, and it’s the town postmaster being savagely mutilated.  “Can it be real, or just a gag?” wonders Steve.  He’ll soon discover the horrifying answer…

Extras include: 

Commentary With Subtitles
Documentary: SOV that wouldn't DIE!
4 interviews
Vintage Radio Promo with H.G. Lewis & Tim Ritter
Slipcover and Slipcase
Limit two per customer.