WAVE Movies - Alien Abduction (DVD)

WAVE Movies - Alien Abduction (DVD)

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Alien Abduction (2004)
Stars Pamela Sutch, Debbie D, Babbara Joyce, Bridgett, Dean Paul

Aliens arrive on our planet in search of earth women on which to experiment! Three helpless women are abducted and taken to a spaceship in order to determine if their DNA is compatible with the aliens. The alien planet is dying and they must find a way for their people to reproduce! Only through experimenting on the three women do they have any chance to help their world survive!

Starring Debbie D, Barbara Joyce, Pamela Sutch, Dean Paul, and Bridgett as the sexy alien, determined to impregnate one of the women.

Will she be successful? Will the three women escape their captor? Will the alien world survive at the expense of the helpless women?

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