WAVE Movies - Bloody Creek (DVD)

WAVE Movies - Bloody Creek (DVD)

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Bloody Creek (1993)
Starring: Ivory Blackwood, Michelle Caporaletti, Dave Castiglione
Directed by Gary Whitson

While camping a young girl (Amanda Madison) becomes the latest victim of a serial killer operating in and around Bloody Creek State Park. A writer (Launa Kane) looking into the murders thinks she knows who the killer is.

"Filmmaker Gary Whitson founded a video production and distribution company named W.A.V.E. Productions in the late 1980s. But this was no ordinary company. Like the "song poem" craze of the 1970s, each W.A.V.E. tape was commissioned and written by a customer, then filmed by Whitson and his gang of loveable lunatics. The videos were then made available to the public through a mail order catalog". - Joseph A. Ziemba

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