WAVE Movies - Code Name: DOLL SQUAD (DVD)

WAVE Movies - Code Name: DOLL SQUAD (DVD)

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Code Name: D.O.L.L. Squad (2001)
Starring Pamela Sutch, Vanessa Carlton, Angela Smith, Laura Giglio, Christine Taylor, Darlene Cavanaugh, and many more.

Mankind will soon face its greatest enemy and only by reforming the D.O.L.L. Squad can Lady Lazurus stop the impending destruction. But first, she must have her granddaughter read the files of the paranormal women who will make up the D.O.L.L.. Squad. Learn who Topaz, Nightwitch and Patriot Girl are and see them overcome their diabolical enemies.
See an evil villainess sear the flesh off a policeman’s face! See the “duel of the rings” between Topaz and Ruby!

See helpless victims tortured by their Nazi captors!
See Nightwitch faceoff against a zombie creature!

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