WAVE Movies - Fatal Delusion (DVD)

WAVE Movies - Fatal Delusion (DVD)

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Fatal Delusion (1995)
Starring Tina Krause, Michelle Caporaletti, Cristie Clark, Deana Demko, Laura Giglio, Clancy McCauley, Kathy Steel, Aven Warren 

A demented killer murders his own psychiatrist and then takes his place and continues on his bloody rampage!

"This was the very first screen appearance of scream queen/B-movie legend, Tina Krause. Krause's opening scene was filmed almost immediately after she was discovered by a producer for W.A.V.E. Productions at the Chiller horror convention in New Jersey. It was shot right outside of the hotel where the convention was being held. Krause was attending the convention with her younger sister, simply to buy her a Jason Voorhees hockey mask." -imdb.com

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