WAVE Movies - Quicksand (DVD)

WAVE Movies - Quicksand (DVD)

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Quicksand! (2003)
Stars Laura Giglio, Pamela Sutch, and Debbie D star in two violent tales of death by quicksand!

In Escape To Nowhere, Laura and Pam play two women on the lam from the police after one of them has committed two murders. But they run into a strange park ranger (Dean Paul) who isn’t what he appears to be and their escape is halted by a bog of quicksand.

In The Gypsy’s Curse, Laura and Debbie play two gypsy sisters who curse the mayor of a town for not paying them for telling him his fortune. But a killer (GW Lawrence) is on their trail and in their frantic attempt to escape they run right into a deadly bog of quicksand. Will any of them survive?

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