Happy Birthday Inga! Limited number of out-of-print Inga Collection!

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Happy birthday to Inga star Marie Liljedahl, born February 15, 1950 in Stockholm, Sweden

A limited number of the 2013 Retro-Seduction Cinema release INGA COLLECTION was recently discovered in the Alternative Cinema warehouse. In celebration, we're offering $5.oo off when you use the code: Inga (at checkout)

Swedish ballerina, stage and film actor Marie Liljedahl was only 17 when director Joseph W. Sarno cast her as the lead of the independent black and white 1968 film Jag – en Oskuld (I, a Virgin), a coming-of-age story about a naïve and studious young woman sent to live with an aunt who schemes for her to become the mistress of a wealthy and much older man.

Released in the U.S. as Inga, the film catapulted its young star to international fame and established Sarno’s reputation as one of the 20th century’s leading auteurs of exploitation cinema.

Marie would return to the role in Seduction of Inga (Inga’s lavish color sequel), before moving on to work with Rolfe Thiele, Hubert Frank, Jess Franco, Massimo Dallamano and Arne Mattsson.

Hardly four years into her career, shortly being named the Top Sex Star of 1971 by Playboy magazine, Marie Liljedahl retired from acting.

A rare early 2000’s interview with Marie Liljedahl is included on the Inga Collection, released by Retro Seduction Cinema.

Happy Birthday, Marie!

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