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Greeting Alternative Cinema Fans!

Miss wandering into your local Mom-and-Pop Video Store to unearth obscure gems like ‘80s Shot-on-Video horror or Vintage Erotica?  Don’t despair, Alternative Cinema has you covered – we’ve just resurrected eight campy, cult-y, wacky and wonderful horror and erotic movies sure to scratch your nostalgia itch!

And if that’s not enough, we’re continuing our Newsletter Exclusive offer of $5.00 off each item when you apply the code: new (at checkout) - enjoy! Discount offer good through October 1, 2020.

Stay safe and well,
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Cannibal Campout - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

Chocked full of all the ‘80s practical FX and butcher store blood, guts and entrails a Gore Fiend could want! Deranged, cannibalistic orphans terrorize college students lost in mountainous woods in this cult classic from Jon McBride!

Woodchipper Massacre - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

What’s the best way to dispose of unwanted dead bodies? A woodchipper, of course! Watch some desperate kids work a sure-fire way out of a bloody mess in this cult gem from Jon McBride.


Titanic 2000 - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

The Titanic sails again – and this time, there’s a new threat on board: the most bloodthirsty, sexy Vampire to ever prey upon a vulnerable virgin (or really any women, she’s not that picky). Seduction Cinema’s hilarious erotic spoof of Titanic is back – and she never looked so good!


Babes in Kongland - $14.99 (With Discount Code $9.99)

The movie that has to be seen to be believed! A TV-repairman turned mad scientist is beamed onto a world where Dominant Woman have banished men and made Apes their personal slaves!


42nd Street Pete's Sleazy Grindhouse Picture Show Vol. 2 - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

Times Square personality 42nd Street Pete brings you four of the sleaziest, most notorious features from the grindhouse circuit! Collection includes Tattooed Lady (1977), Hawaii Sex-O (1971), Love Lies Waiting (1974), Up at JJ’s Place (1975)

42nd Street Pete's Sleazy Grindhouse Picture Show Vol. 1 - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

The first in the sleazy series presented by grindhouse personality 42nd Street Pete! Collection contains The Erotic Artist (1971), Lenny’s Comeback (1979), Special Order (1974), Sheila’s Payoff (1977).


Fire in Her Bed Triple Feature - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

The hottest, hippest, grooviest collection Seduction Cinema ever released is BACK!  Get all the FREE LOVE goodness of the 1972 feature Fire in Her Bed by the original hipster Nick Philips, the stunning, erotic 2008 remake, and the 1997 ode to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, Where the Air is Cool and Dark.

Hideout in the Sun 2-DVD Collection - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

The outrageous, 1960 cult NUDIST film by Doris Wishman is BACK, with 2 aspect ratio options and chocked full of interview, bonus featurettes, Retro Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault!

Roxanna Double Feature - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

Misty Mundae stars as Roxanna – a naïve, dangerous and out of control party girl with an insatiable appetite for sex and drugs - in the 2002 remake of Nick Philips’ 1970 feature starring Ushi Digard (also included!).

Skin in the 60s Triple Feature starring Uschi Digard - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

Includes three outrageous, sexy films from the 1960s: The Madame (1969) starring the buxom Uschi Digard, L’Amour de Femme (1969) and Take Them as They Are (1970)

Skin in the 50s 2-DVD Collection - $19.99 (With Discount Code $14.99)

THE fun, flirty, ‘’50s loop collection of all time! These pin-up girls go all out with pasties, garter belts and stockings galore – collection includes the 1956 feature The Flesh Merchants, the shocking tale of the revenge of a beautiful young woman working at a seedy sexy club!

That's it for this newsletter. Thanks for keeping physical DVD media alive by purchasing from Alternative Cinema!

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