The Dark Side of Seduction Cinema – Re-issues and More!

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The Dark Side of Seduction Cinema – Re-issues and More!

Greetings Alternative Cinema Fans,

Deep in the Alternative Cinema vaults are located some of the most unusual, rare and outrageous movies ever produced in Seduction Cinema and Alternative Cinema history.  Every week or so, as we sort through these out-of-print and obscure gems, we’ll send a newsletter to let you know what we’ve added to our online store.  This week we’re taking a walk on the Dark Side as we revisit some of the most exploitative, horrific and explicit films of AC & Seduction Cinema History….but first, we’re throwing in a classic horror double feature for those of you who prefer your darkness derived from horror literature, some of our most fun & campy films, select SC features – and - re-presenting all four entries in the Seduction Cinema series that started it all: The Erotic Witch series!   

And if that’s not enough, we’re continuing our Newsletter Exclusive offer of $5.00 off each item when you apply the code: new (at checkout) - enjoy! Discount offer good through August 31, 2020.

Best wishes, Alternative Cinema Team


The Tell Tale Heart / The Oval Portrait Double Feature
While our initial entry isn’t a dark or dangerous feature, it does contain two classic films from one of the darkest minds in the history of literature – Edgar Allen Poe! This superb double feature of The Tell-Tale Heart (1960) and The Oval Portrait (1972) includes liner notes by acclaimed film historian and author Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog magazine).  A perfect choice for a spooky night at home!

Faces of Schlock
The Ultimate Sleazy, Boobs-and-Blood-Soaked Anthology Homage to ‘80s Horror! Three Tales of Terror and a LOAD of extras, feature films include Blood Witch, Mike Wuz Here, One Foot in the Grave and Slay Ride! Stars Ruby LaRocca

Haunted House on Sorority Row
They wanted a fresh start…they got a sorority house from HELL! A fledgling sorority moves into a dilapidated house only to find something evil is lurking in the shadows. Is it an elaborate hazing ritual?  Or is something sinister – something paranormal – behind the mental and physical assault? One by one they face their deepest fears against a malignant force…a force seemingly aware of their darkest secrets. You’ll never guess what lies behind the Haunted House on Sorority Row



The Erotic Witch Project
The sexy spoof that started it all! The first entry into the Erotic Witch franchise tells the story of three college girls (Darian Caine, Victoria Vega, Laurie Wallace) who fall prey to the supernatural powers and sensual spells of the fabled Erotic Witch while lost in the woods!

Erotic Witch Project 2: Book of Seduction
Darian Caine and AJ Khan star in this sequel to Seduction Cinema’s smash hit The Erotic Witch! This time around, the lustful curse strikes the wards of an asylum, when Darian’s sexy possession drives everyone around her into a sensual frenzy!

Erotic Witch Project 3: WitchBabe
It’s the 1800s, and an oversexed witch is seducing the town’s entire female population! Watch a smorgasbord of Seduction Cinema stars in this bodice-ripping, crinoline wearing third entry in the Erotic Witch series starring Laurie Wallace, Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Julian Wells, Debbie Rochon, Barbara Joyce and Paige Richards as the Erotic Witch! 

Erotic Witch Project 4: Lust in Space
The Erotic Witch Project series jets off into space in its super-sexy and extra-hilarious 4th entry, Lust in Space! Starring Darian Caine, AJ Khan and Jackie Stevens, Lust in Space is an erotic space-adventure that will have you seeing stars!

Babes in Kongland
Candy Doll, Addie Morton and Julie Strain stars in this tale of a mad doctor transported to world of seductive lesbians in a distant galaxy!



With her parents out of town, Cassidy indulges in a dangerous “stranger sex” fantasy that turns into a very real nightmare when the man of her dreams turns out to be a depraved psycho intent with much more than a sexual fantasy on his mind.

Diary of a Sex Offender
A religious fanatic intent on rape and sexual torture gets away with murder until a dark specter from his past rises up to confront him!

Sexually Deranged
The cycle of abuse continues in this story of a mad man and serial rapist on a sexually deviant spree!

The Sex Merchants
Tina Krause and Jackie Stevens star in this classic erotic tale about a successful fashion photographer and his drug-and-sex fueled exploits with the city’s most beautiful, sensual women.

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