Summer DVD Re-Releases!

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Greetings Alternative Cinema Fans!

DVD is alive and well at Alternative Cinema!  We bring you re-released titles and some discontinued DVDs from our deep, dark and spooky basement!



Misty Mundae is Patricia Porker, a shy and studious college girl with sweet dreams of romance with a handsome jock. But when bitten by her science teacher’s genetically engineered arachnid, she’s transformed into a wall-climbing, building-bounding beauty with superhuman strength! Just as she embraces life as a crime-fighter, her nemesis Femtilian (Julian Wells) appears on the scene. Will they fight? Get naked?  Both? See for yourself why SpiderBabe has been called the most hilarious, sexy and HOT Seduction Cinema spoof of all time!


In 1993, New Jersey independent custom movie studio W.A.V.E. Productions put its spin on camping terror with this tale of a writer investigating a series of murders of young female campers. More blood, guts and W.A.V.E. shenanigans than you ever hoped for! Starring Ivory Blackwood, Michelle Caporaletti, Dave Castiglione and directed by Gary Whitson.


Someone’s killing the employees of a sex-positive kinky nightclub, and it’s up to Ken Foree, Trent Haaga and Debbie Rochon to save the day! Starring Lynn Lowrey as vicious conservative, this outrageous and completely original splatter film will have you laughing out loud…when you’re not screaming!

NECROVILLE (DVD) - Out Of Print!

Jack and Alex are saving the world one paycheck at a time in this blood-soaked “splatstick” horror film Fangoria calls “highly entertaining”

Fired from their jobs as video store clerks, two Slackers must wage war on the living dead just to earn a living wage in a town overrun by Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves. Described by the Albuquerque press as “if Kevin Smith wrote Ghostbusters”, NECROVILLE follows long-time friends Jack and Alex as they become members of the local extermination company, Zom-B-Gone only to find out they can fight the undead, but get no respect from Jack’s girlfriend.


There’s something big and something hungry living in the still, murky depths of secluded Hillbilly Lagoon…and it’s coming for you!

Rednecks taunt science students from the state university sent to test waters for contamination…  But that’s the least of their worries when a hulking humanoid borne of radioactive mutation ascends from the inky blackness to fill in lungs with air and its stomach with human bait.


Directed by Richard Griffin and written by Trent Haaga (American Nightmare, Citizen Toxie IV), this zombie apocalypse story is really smart and incredibly scary - and has more on-the-nose social commentary than the first three Living Dead films put together! When a news anchor learns the government is covering up a massive zombie outbreak, she joins with her cameraman and a demented military guard in a last ditch effort to stop the flesh-hungry monsters from world domination!


Be wary of your neighbors! Perfect couple Charles and Deborah are hiding bodies in the basement. Some dead, some alive – some kept just for sex. It’s all fun and games until someone gets jealous… starring Trent Haaga (Citizen Toxie) and Brandy Little.


Who thought ghost and demon sex could be so hot?  Doris didn’t, until she was seduced by a ghostly woman and some disturbing creatures in her basement. Is she hallucinating? Crazy? Considering how devilishly sensual and kinky these lesbian encounters are – does she even care? Starring Victoria Vega, Jade Duboir and Debbie Rochon and directed by John Bacchus

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