Summer 2021 Re-Releases and OOP DVDs!

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Summer’s here, and you thought you were hot…but things are about to get hotter!  We’ve raided the Alternative Cinema vaults to bring you some *new” back-in-stock titles from Camp Motion Pictures, Shock-O-Rama Cinema, Seduction Cinema and After Hours Cinema – eye-popping Italian exploitation starring Laura Gemser, sexy & campy horror starring Misty Mundae – and once you’ve put the kids to bed, we’ve got Darian Caine as you’ve never seen her before and (of course) choice vintage adult & grindhouse releases to please the grown-ups in the room.

And to sweeten the deal, we’re offering $5.00 off each item in our WHAT'S NEW section when you enter the code: Save5 (at check-out). Offer good through July 31, 2021!

It’s a bonanza of goodies from your pals at Alternative Cinema!



Date. Mate. Mutate - it's Splatter Beach (2-Disc Set)! The Polonia Brothers, creators of the shocking, extreme-gore cult classic Splatter Farm (1987), return with their newest horror film…the sun-, fun-, and gore-drenched Splatter Beach. See Misty Mundae and Erika Smith battle mutant sea creatures in this “Bikini Beach meets Sci-Fi Horror” mash-up. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, you won’t believe your eyes – it’s Splatter Beach!

Video Violence / Video Violence 2 (DVD) – OOP 2007 Edition! Only 30 Copies Left! The one, the only the KING of Shot-O-Video Horror and its equally gleeful and gore-soaked sequel! Gary Cohen’s tale of two city folk who relocate to the country, open a video store – and discover that their neighbors are backwater psychopaths who produce and watch their own snuff movies – set the standard for indie shot-on-video features and still packs as great a punch as it did the day it was produced (1987 and 1988, respectively).

Stripper & Mutant Bug Face Off! - Bite Me (DVD)  What do you get when you take Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Erika Smith and a strip club and add a strain of tainted marijuana that produces giant mutant bugs? The sexiest, funniest and most monster-ist movie to come out of Shock-O-Rama Cinema, that’s what!  If you haven’t seen it, trust us, you’ll love it.

Sci-Fi Action! - Bacterium (DVD) From stop-motion auteur Brett Piper comes this slimy schocker about an isolated outpost in the wilderness turned battleground between humankind and morphing microscopic monster! A biological weapons experiment has gone wrong, and a flesh-eating contagion is poised to wipe out life as we know it.  Loads of fun, BACTERIUM is a smart, sexy update on classic B—movie Sci-Fi.

Blood, Ska and Fun! - Phantom of the Grindhouse (DVD) When the Sleepy Hollow Heights Horror Club learns their local grindhouse will be shut down, they plan a 24-hour horror-movie-marathon as a last-ditch effort to save the theater.  Unbeknownst to them, The Phantom, a derelict who has been hiding out at the theater for years, will stop at nothing to keep the meddling kids from ruining his sanctuary.  But when The Phantom gets a load of their leader Christine, things turn from bad to worse as he falls head over heels for the girl of his dark dreams. 

Very Not-PC! - Paranormal Investigation Agency (DVD) With loads of ambition, zero political correctness (and zero talent!) these ghost busters tackle a series of paranormal mysteries - including the most bizarre exorcism you’ve ever seen! – in this hilarious spoof of paranormal mystery series. Directed by Chris Seaver.

Classic Scares - Vampyre (DVD) Vampire victim David Gray grows into an adult dedicated to fighting the bloodthirsty forces of evil. When danger strikes the remote New England village of Cortempierre, he's called to battle the ultimate evil - innocent humans have become the victims of witches and vampires!

Blazing Stewardesses / Naughty Stewardesses (Numbered 2-DVD Edition) - Out-Of-Print! While Supplies Last! Those sexy stewardesses are at it again in this incredible double feature with commentaries by producer Sam Sherman and loads of extras! Directed by B-movie legend Al Adamson, written and produced by Sam Sherman, Blazing Stewardesses gives whole new meaning to the Wild, Wild West! Includes BLAZING STEWARDESSES (1975) and NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES (1973).

It’s Jungles, Cannibalism, Women-In-Prison and SS Exploitation!  

Womens Prison Massacre Uncut / Caged Women (2-DVD) – Out-Of-Print, While Supplies Last! Grotesque prison guards, beautiful prisoners and lethal games of Russian Roulette make WOMEN’S PRISON MASSACRE, a classic among Women-In-Prison films! Did we mention it stars the stunning Gemser (Black Emanuelle?) It does. Also included is CAGED WOMEN, in which a journalist goes undercover in a prison to expose abuse.  And she does.  The perfect WIP Double Feature!

Womens in Prison Retro-Shock Triple Feature (2-DVD) Gratuitous shower scenes, cat-fights, and scantily clad sweaty women making out in jungles with this WIP exploitation triple-feature from Shock-O-Rama Cinema! Featuring the most depraved and shocking women-in-prison and women-in-peril films you’ve never seen! Includes Escape From Hell (1980), Women In Cell Block 7 (1973), and The Hot Box (1972).

White Slave / Caligula Reincarnated Retro-Shock Double Feature (DVD) For fans of Cannibal Holocaust and SS Exploitation! Only the brave and resourceful survive decapitation, cannibalism, torture and dogs fed on human flesh in this shocking and explicit double feature. Includes the 1986 Italian Jungle White Slave and 1976 Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler.


Shock Festival Grindhouse Trailer Extravaganza! (3-Disc) Over 7 Hours of the Most Amazing and Unusual Exploitation Trailers, TV Ads and Radio Spots from the Age of GRINDHOUSE CINEMA! Plus original new content inspired by the amazing fictional b-movie world of Stephen Romano’s acclaimed exploitation novel, SHOCK FESTIVAL! (Features Erin Russ and Ruby LaRocca). PLUS! Wait till you get a load of all the special extra features we’ve cooked up just for this release!  Interviews, a SHOCK FESTIVAL poster, original music and a batch of specially produced trailers based on the amazing fictional b-movie worlds of Stephen Romano’s acclaimed novel, SHOCK FESTIVAL.  This must-have collector’s set includes over 7 hours of amazing stuff you won’t find anywhere else!

Trailer Trash Trailer Extravaganza (2-DVD) Over five hours of the wildest, sexiest, goriest, campiest, most outrageous trailers ever committed to DVD, from contemporary cult erotica to hilarious sexy spoofs to extreme horror to grindhouse sexploitation and everything in between.  These are trailers meant to shock, astonish, and titillate with content that is 100% uncut and uncensored… So grab some concessions, dim the lights, and prepare for trailer trash heaven with a cornucopia of trailers for one-of-a-kind films such as Play-mate of the ApesSplatter Beach2069: A Sex OdysseyCannibal CampoutSwedish WildcatsThe Seduction of Misty MundaeCreature from the Hillbilly Lagoon and many, many, MANY MORE!

Trailer Trash Part 2 Grindhouse Edition (2-DVD) Over four hours of the sexiest, sleaziest, most outrageous trailers ever committed to DVD, from contemporary indie adult to hilarious vintage sleaze to extreme grindhouse exploitation and everything in between.  These are trailers meant to shock, astonish, and titillate with content that is 100% uncut and uncensored…for one-of-a-kind films such as Vampire Strangler, Diary of a Nymph, Forced Entry, Dr Christina of Sweden, 42nd Street Pete’s Extreme Sleaze, Darian Caine Exposed and many, many, MANY MORE!


Erotic Diary of Misty Mundae (DVD) Another day, another chapter in the diary of young Misty's wild sexual escapades where lust, passion and love coexist with all the things she vividly experiences with beautiful and mysterious strangers that haunt her fantasies.

Lustful Illusions (DVD) Darian Caine leads a cast of sexy, stunning starlets including Molly Heartbreaker, Jackie Stevens, A.J. Khan and Sativa Verte in this story of an unfulfilled housewife turned sexual adventuress after receiving a mysterious antique movie camera. Fantasies unleashes, she’s soon seducing friends, colleagues and sexy strangers from the past.

Sex Hex (DVD) A corporate office becomes the sexual playground for a succulent succubus who likes to watch in Sex Hex, starring Sabrina Faire (Kinky Kong), Darian Caine (Gladiator Eroticus), A.J. Khan (Lord of the G-Strings) and Molly Heartbreaker (TTW: Topless Tapioca Wrestling).

Kinky Kong (DVD) A director of adult features, his new starlet and female cast set sail for Bone Island, only to find a 60-foot-tall simian with a naughty penchant for peeping and a kinky attraction to beautiful young women of the homo sapien persuasion.  And when Kinky Kong falls in “lust” with Fanny, LOOK OUT! rampaging dinosaurs, speeding trains, Lady Liberty and the astonished citizens of New York City.  Nothing will come between an oversized, overstimulated ape in diapers and his main squeeze! 

Erotic Survivor (DVD) Wish the Survior TV series had more nudity and sex?  So did we, so we made one ourselves.  Erotic Survivor stars Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Debbie Rochon, Ruby LaRocca, Jade DuBois on a remote island to pit the Hey-Hu-Nanni tribe against the all lesbian Pu-Nanni tribe!

Erotic Survivor 2 (DVD) So popular it needed a sequel! Katie Jordan, Allanah Rhodes, Venessa Del Sol, C.J. DeMarcio, Syn DeVil set out to out-sex and out-compete the original – and they succeed!

Insatiable IronBabe (DVD) Jackie Stevens, Darian Caine, Kerri Taylor, Sativa Verte and Andrea Jax star in this hilarious spoof of action films! Beautiful billionaire Horny Fark saves the world from evil with the help of her sex toy company Fark Industries, maker of the “Spank-O-Tron,” “Gargantuan Groper,” and “Double Drill Assassinator”.

Secret Desires (2-Disc) Darian Caine, Molly Heartbreaker, Jackie Stevens star in a sexual fantasy-fueled homage to vintage adult movies. Once Darian finds a haunted projector, all bets are off!

Erotic Vampire in Paris Collection (2-DVD) Misty and a cast of sexy starlets including Tina Krause, Zoe Moonshine, Darian Caine, Anoushka, Linda Murray, Debbie Rochon, Julie Strain, Julian Wells and Ruby LaRocca haunt your wildest dreams in this two-feature collection! Includes the never-before-released Un-Rated Director’s Cut of An Erotic Vampire in Paris and An Erotic Werewolf in London along with liner notes, photos and stunning new art plus the never-before-released bonus feature, Purgatory Blues. 


Darian Caine Exposed (DVD) – See Darian Caine as You've Never Seen Her Before! In this Ultra-Naughty Edition, Darian Caine and A.J. Khan are lesbian lovers who discover there’s money to be made in kinky, high-end web cam business. So Darian heads to New York City where she is quickly immersed in all manners of orgasmic delights and suddenly a need for quick cash turns to an obsession for exhibitionist sexual excess.

Wendy's Naughty Night Grindhouse Triple Feature (3-DVDs) It’s all the threesomes, Swedish swingers and amateur adult action you like with this collection of three vintage swingin’ San Francisco soft-erotic features plus loads of trailers! 3-Disc collection from cult directors Nick Philips and Joey Silvera includes WENDY’S NAUGHTY NIGHT (1973), SIV, A SWEDISH GIRL (1971), and EASY ALICE (1976).

West German Grindhouse featuring Confessions of Josephine (2-DVD) Josephine (1978) - A voluptuous redhead and her friend are shacked up with all the big city businessmen - until Josephine’s boyfriend catches the two of them partying, and the girls are forced to make their own way.  Horny and enterprising, they “seduce” an older gentleman into financing a whorehouse, and the two of them suddenly find themselves in business and ready for all the sex they can handle.  A rare Euro feature!  DVD also includes never-before-seen Euro 8mm film loops.

Kinkiest Pleasures 1970s Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD) Brothels on land and bordellos on the sea! This kinky double feature from the mid-70s is chock-a-block with babes just desperate for a good man to show them a good time. Collection includes Pleasure Cruise (1974) and House of Kinky Pleasures (1975).

Rare Films of John Holmes Collection (2-DVD) It’s a four-film raunchy retrospective of the penurious origins of the man who became one of porn's most pertinent fixtures! Collection includes HOLLYWOOD MERRY-GO-ROUND (1973 - a.k.a. The Group) - John Holmes takes you behind the scenes of an L.A. sex film! C-stars Heather Starr. DOUBLE EXPOSURE (1972) - Johnny plays a street hustler posing as a fashion photographer specializing in "glamour shots", who, along with his firecracker secretary, Suzanne Fields, finds himself in deep trouble with some angry customers! Also stars Sandy Dempsey, Tricia Opal. FOUR WOMEN IN TROUBLE (1970) - If John Holmes happens to be your wife's gynecologist, expect abnormally frequent visits! Co-stars Lynn Holmes, Fran Carston. And HIGH FASHION MODELS (1972) - Big John is at it again seducing sexy young hopefuls into white slavery!  Co-stars Nikki Hess, Nona Potter.

Sex Before Marriage Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD) Before the “I Do’s,” be sure to chalk up as many “I Did’s” as you can.  You’ll thank us when the honeymoon’s over. Double Feature includes SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE (1970)  – You better get it then, ‘cause once you’re married, forget about it!  And that’s exactly what our horny groom works into his busy schedule on the DAY of his wedding!  And you can be sure it ain’t sleazy sex with the Mrs.-to-be! Stars Fran Spector. And FREUDIAN (1969)  – Redhead Diane pays a guy for sex. Betty returns home and joins in with them. Mid-scene Betty turns to the camera and asks the viewer directly: "What do you think of our friendly neighborhood - wouldn't you like to join us?"

1970s Sunset Strip Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD) – Vintage 42nd Street FILTH! Just like the Grindhouse theater experience of the 1970s – but less sticky floors! You’ll get horny co-eds,part-time prostitutes and “pros” who repent in this outrageous triple adult vintage cinema  collection! Includes Trapped in the House (1970), Love Freestyle (1970) and See Me, Feel Me, Take Me (1971).

Check out the rest of the new DVDs in our WHAT'S NEW SECTION!

That's it til next time. Thanks for helping keep DVDs alive!

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